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FancyIndexing with Apache

Monday, September 26th, 2005

I did a little work lastnight getting my site: errr-online all setup using FancyIndexing. I had a blast and I really think my folders (aka Index of /foo) look really great now too: what do you think??

ahhhh spring break

Monday, March 14th, 2005

Its sure nice to be on spring break this week. I have needed the break from school. You might have noticed the site being down for a week or more and wondered why. Well I have been busy setting up a FreeBSD 5.3 web server and I will start setting up the email service on it soon using QMail Rocks.

We have been busy trying to clean up our shop in the back yard. We have a 20×40 shop out back that makes a great workshop but we started filling it with stuff that we wanted to sell in a yard sale almost 5 years ago and have never had the sale. It sat out there so long it got ruined and so we have been cleaning it out. I get to haul off a trailer load of broken recliners and other trash off to the dump in the morning, it should be loads of fun; we just have to get out there before it heats up….if you know what I mean.