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SUV Ownership rules

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

I was surfing the web and stumbled across this and nearly spit milk out my nose laughing. Check this out. Its almost sad how true this is.

Double Damn!!

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Well my car needs a new mass air sensor, and a tune up. $600 later Ill be able to pick it up.. What a flippin rip off man.. Oh well. If I had my tools here and a couple hours to spare on Saturday, and a place to do the work (no auto repairs allowed at the apartments I live in) I would do it my self for under $200 bucks.


Monday, April 9th, 2007

So my car has been running kinda rough for a while now and the stupid “Check Engine” light has been on since the day I bought the car. I decided that I should get it fixed before the summer time gets here and the stupid car breaks down on the freeway and leaves me stranded.Now with my new fancy job I dont really have time to screw around with fixing my car my self, and all my tools are still in Odessa because I dont have any where to store the tool boxes. I take the car to a local shop today that was right down the street from my house. Its basicly 1/2 way to my office. I know from having wokred in a shop for most of my working life that getting a car fixed isnt cheap. Infact it can be damn expensive. I told the service writter the symptoms my car had and he told me it would be Wednesday at the earliest before they could look at it. Thats no problem for me since the car does still run it just runs kinda crappy. I set up the apointment and tell them I will be back Wednesday morning on my way to work. He tells me ok and informs me of their service chanrge to “check out” my car. Brace your self folks because I nearly passed out smooth. They have a 1 hour charge to check out the car… at a whopping $84.50. I was like holy shit!! I can recall going to a new doctor for the first time about 18 months ago and not havving health insurance and only paying $90 for the office visit. I mean shit.. the doctor went to college for what.. like 10 years or more, and I pay him $90 and I have to pay some guy who at best has a 2 year degree and most likely just took some test to get a cert like the ASE. Did I give up the being a mechanic at the wrong time.. Our shop charged $57.10 an hour and I thought we were a little on the high end.. but wow these folks may be charging more than the dealer.. I will have to look into it and find out. I do still plan on taking them my car becuase I dont really have time to go out looking for a better deal either, and with me not really having anyone here who can take me around or anything Im just gonna have to spend the money this time.. Ill keep you posted on what ends up being wrong.

How to tell its Spring Break

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Well if you didnt already know its time for spring break. How do I know this you ask… Well its simple, take a look at the price of gas. In the last 10 days its gone up nearly $0.30 a gallon. I predict it will go up @ least another $0.20 before the end of the Spring Break season. This means basicly 1 thing, Big Oil knows we are going to be wanting to get out of town and they need a bigger cut. Thanks Big Oil, we love you!!

I got a new car!!

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

YAY!! At last!! After 2 months of me not having a car to drive after my trucks motor blew up I got a new car!! Well its not new, but its new to me. Like I stated in my previous post I buy EOL cars or trucks. My latest car is pretty nice though. Its a 1996 Ford Thunderbird. Mine looks just like the one above, same color and wheels; I hope it lasts a while, because I need it pretty badly. I got a new job Friday that I start in 2 weeks (or sooner if my current job can be filled before then).

Car go boom boom

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

Well about a week or 2 ago I was driving and started to notice a tapping comming from my truck. I figured it was an exhaust leak or maybe a lifter that was tapping. The noise got worse over the next week or so and it turned into a knock. I knew this sound well because I have at this point blown up about 11 motors. Not because Im hard on a car, but because I buy an EOL car or truck (end of life). EOL is all I ever have the money to afford so Im used to blowing up motors. This truck was no exception to the rule. On my way to work Friday the motor gave out and I had to get my unlce to come tow it home for me. Now Im in the market for another EOL car or truck. Some day Ill get a good job and be able to buy a decent ride, but until then EOL here I come.