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Wii didnt want to connect to the internet

Monday, January 1st, 2007

Well I went out and bought me a nifty new Nintendo Wii for Christmas this year. Ill be perfectly honest right up front. I had no idea when I bought it that it would even connect to the net at all. I totally bought it just to be able to play wii sports and the new Zelda game (which I am to broke to buy right now). After hooking it all up I did like I always do with all my new eletronic devices.. I RTFM, and to my great suprise I found I could hook up to the net and get old classic NES and other games, as well as send and recieve email and even surf the web all from my Wii. Joy for Mii!!! So I go and follow all the instructions and get my Wii connected to our WRT54G Linksys wireless router I was happy to see the Wii supported WPA and WEP so I didnt have to sacrifice my security settings to get this thing connected. The setup was simple as could be, in less than 3 mins I had my Wii ready to connect to the net. I hit the test connection button and damn.. I get this POS error message.. I think OK.. maybe I had a typo on my wifi key.. So I enter it again, same shit… At this point Im thinking it must be my moms crappy DSL connection. I take her router and hook it up to my always on cable connection with 3 static IPs and an 8.0/768 connection.. I hit the test connection and Wham its on, it tells me my system needs an update and I agree to have it update. No sooner did I agree than it kicked me off and said my connection was wrong. Geez!?! WTF. So I go to the nintendo web site to register my Wii for the extended 90 warranty and then hit the forums looking for help. I found TONS and TONS of people posting about this same problem, the fix was pretty simple though. For what ever reason changing the MTU to 001 and then moving my router to broadcast on chan 11 instead of Chan 6 and wham Im on and its pretty speedy. This thing is pretty cool. Im just waiting for it to get a virus or some spyware or something stupid like that, before you know it I will be trying to get linux installed on it if that happens 🙂

I got a new car!!

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

YAY!! At last!! After 2 months of me not having a car to drive after my trucks motor blew up I got a new car!! Well its not new, but its new to me. Like I stated in my previous post I buy EOL cars or trucks. My latest car is pretty nice though. Its a 1996 Ford Thunderbird. Mine looks just like the one above, same color and wheels; I hope it lasts a while, because I need it pretty badly. I got a new job Friday that I start in 2 weeks (or sooner if my current job can be filled before then).

Compaq Presario 15.4" Widescreen Notebook PC (V6120US) CPQ V6120US + Linux == Waste of time

Friday, December 1st, 2006

Well I got a Compaq Presario 15.4″ Widescreen Notebook PC (V6120US) CPQ V6120US as my christmas gift this year from my mom, she paid for about 400 of it and I had to cover the cost of the rest (which was close to 600 dollars). I wish I had done more research about linux on this system. I started tonight by install Debian Etch amd64. The install was really quick. In under 30 mins I had a fully installed debian system. The problem was that it would lock up if the system beep was triggered, or if I tried to start X as a user instead of as root, or if I tried to boot the box in any other run level than single user mode. Next I gave Ubuntu 6.10 a shot both the i386 and the amd64. Both system had the same problem, just randomly locking up for no good reason. Next on to Fedora Core 6 both i386 and x86_64. The i386 was a huge waste of ime, it was constantly locking up, it was lucky to even boot. The x86_64 was just as bad, I managed to get it to boot every time into single user mode but when trying to boot to init 3 with gdm turned off it will lock in a diff spot every time. I went in to init 1 and turned off every service I could think of but it still locked in a diff spot every time.

My advise is this: If you plan to use linux on this system, please dont waste your money

Over this weekend I will be trying to find some Open Source OS that will run, but Im not keeping my hopes up. I refuse to use windows on this box so if I dont have any luck getting linux working Im gonna try to sell this thing and get a 32 bit system. As of right now I feel like I took about 1000 bucks and flushed it down the crapper. Had I gone with a 32 bit system I would have been able to score one hell of a system I think… If you have any hints on what can be done to get this system working please feel free to comment and let me know. Thanks.

Turkey time is coming soon!!

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

Well its nearly time for turkey. Every year my brothers moms side of the family has a fried turkey Its always deep fried in peanut oil. Every year for the past 5 or so years I have gone over to eat some of this tasty bird. I love it.. The meat is always so juicy and tender, unlike when the turkey is baked, its generally a bit more dry and not as tender (at least in my experince). Since the age of about 10 or younger I have known I had an allergy to peanuts. Nothing at all had ever happened to me when I would eat a PB&J. Once I hit about 22 I started to notice when I would eat one or even a hand full of peanuts I would have a stomach ache though, now at the age of 26 I get down right sick and have been known to start throwing up and stuff… This sucks because it looks like this will be my first year in a long time to have to pass on the turkey.

I know several other people who happen to hate peanuts but they could eat them all day, one of them wont even touch peanutbutter.. why cant she be the one with the allergy instead of me.. it wouldnt matter to her anyway since she hates it anyway.. oh well.. life goes on!

Bonham Owls 8th Grade Football

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

My not so little brother Matt played football for Bonham this year. His team basicly kicked total ass. They went undefeated all season long. Last night they played for what I guess was to be distric champs against Goddard, an undefeated team from Midland. Most of the other games during the season were no challenge for Bonham. They would go in and dominate, some of the games they played had scores up in the 60’s with the other team at 0 or maybe 7. This game was not that way. If Bonham was going to win this one they were going to have to work their ass off for it. Both teams wanted to win this game, and it was obvious. Goddard would drive its way down to the goal line and then Bonham would hold them off and get a turn over. Bonham would drive down then Goddard would hold them for a turn over. This went on back and forth with both teams allowing only 2 touch downs each. The game stayed this way all the way to the end. The final score was Bonham 14 Goddard 14. I was completely impressed with the sportsman ship Goddard displayed after the game was over. Bonham was in the inzone having a meeting with the coaches, all the Goddard players and coaches went to the 50 yard line and took off their helmets and put them on the ground and then began to give Bonham a round of appluse and then rushed in to give them all a high 5. It was killer to see all those kids celebrating how hard they played. Each team went home a winner last night. Congratulations to both teams on the best game of 8th grade football I watched all season long!!

Car go boom boom

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

Well about a week or 2 ago I was driving and started to notice a tapping comming from my truck. I figured it was an exhaust leak or maybe a lifter that was tapping. The noise got worse over the next week or so and it turned into a knock. I knew this sound well because I have at this point blown up about 11 motors. Not because Im hard on a car, but because I buy an EOL car or truck (end of life). EOL is all I ever have the money to afford so Im used to blowing up motors. This truck was no exception to the rule. On my way to work Friday the motor gave out and I had to get my unlce to come tow it home for me. Now Im in the market for another EOL car or truck. Some day Ill get a good job and be able to buy a decent ride, but until then EOL here I come.

Run Forest Run!!!

Saturday, August 19th, 2006

Well starting in June I went on a diet trying to drop 88 of the 313 pounds I had hanging around. Being that heavy sucked. I never had energy to go do anything, I couldn’t even walk because my knees and back would hurt so bad after only a few mins of walking. First I started out trying to walk but that was quickly nixed. I talked to some buds on IRC who I knew were big health buffs, and they suggested to me to try riding a bike since it would be no impact on my knees, and wouldnt strain my back. Up to the gym I went to get on a cycle. I started and was only able to make it 15 mins at a time, after a week or 2 I was up to 30 mins. I kept this up for about a month and didn’t even loose 8 pounds. Needless to say I was getting pissed off. Next I figured the changes I made to my diet just were not enough. I made more changes to the kinds of food I was eating, and then to the ammount I was taking in, and even steped up the workouts to twice a day and 5 to 6 times a week. From July 4th to right now I went from 306 to 273. Im now able to not only walk with no problems, but I am running 2 or 3 nights a week as well.

Now I feel great (well not as good as I would like but tons better). I still have about 50 more pounds to go to get down to where I would like to be, I think Ill be able to be there before Christmas. I’ve already gone from a 44 waist down to a 38, and I hope Ill be down to a 36 or 34 when its all said and done. Time to wrap this up and head out for a run. Take care 🙂

School Time

Thursday, August 18th, 2005

Well on Monday its time to start back to school for Odessa College. I am looking forward to starting my second semester of Java programming. Dont mistake this for me liking to program in Java, rather I just like to learn about programming in general and well the school system seems to think I need to learn this in Java, which I dont agree with but what can I do… I feel like I am getting the short end of the stick on this deal by not being introduced to C and C++ but maybe when I get to UTPB I will get to do some non-Java stuff. The only good thing is that everything I learned in my Java class last semester I was able to use in my PERL and Python programming. Sure the syntax is not exactly the same but the idea is.

I have been doing a lot of nothing lately, well Ive been playing a lot of video games (which is a lot of nothing..). I managed to play so much UT2004 that the nice people in the AwK klan have asked me to join. They obviously dont ask you to join because youre good at playing.. I guess my good sportsmanship was all they were looking at, because I am certianly no good at the game. Thanks guy/gals for letting me be a member.

Space for lease

Friday, May 6th, 2005

Another one…Thats right, there is one more Linux user out there now. My mom has made the switch to Ubuntu Linux. I have installed the latest release called Hoary on her Compaq nx9008. So far everything seems to work just fine. I think I may have some issues with the wireless network, but I was thinking of making some python scripts for her to use to make it eaiser. I will start working on the wireless stuff after finals are over next week. I have several other things to install on her laptop to make her feel a bit more at home, like IE. I know I hate it too, but there are still some stupid banks and other credit card companies that are making their sites viewable in IE only. If I make some usefull scripts for the wifi I will surely post them.

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ahhhh spring break

Monday, March 14th, 2005

Its sure nice to be on spring break this week. I have needed the break from school. You might have noticed the site being down for a week or more and wondered why. Well I have been busy setting up a FreeBSD 5.3 web server and I will start setting up the email service on it soon using QMail Rocks.

We have been busy trying to clean up our shop in the back yard. We have a 20×40 shop out back that makes a great workshop but we started filling it with stuff that we wanted to sell in a yard sale almost 5 years ago and have never had the sale. It sat out there so long it got ruined and so we have been cleaning it out. I get to haul off a trailer load of broken recliners and other trash off to the dump in the morning, it should be loads of fun; we just have to get out there before it heats up….if you know what I mean.