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Why doesnt Netflix want your money

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Would it really have been to much trouble to use flash over silverlight? If they had used flash my Linux box would have no problems playing their movies. I installed the user agent switcher addon for my firefox, (since they check your u/a and reject you based on that) spoofed my browser to be firefox 3.0.5 running on an Intel Mac + I have Moonlight 1.0 installed and I was hoping to trick netflix into letting me play a movie on my linux box but no luck. Once I got past their stupid user agent checker it seems that you have to use silverlight 2.x to play a movie so my moonlight is useless; thanks netflix. They need to make that thing support anyone that has money and an internet connection that is fast enough to play the movie. Are they really doing so well in this economy that they can afford to turn business away?