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Using exercise as a punishment

Monday, September 9th, 2013

I dont know much about teaching kids, or coaching in general really. I do know a little bit about association though, so Id like to pose this question. Are coaches doing it wrong by using exercise as a punishment? What do I mean by that you may be wondering.. Well when I was a kid in school, and I got in trouble in PE or in Athletics the coaches would ALWAYS punish me, or our team with things like “Looks like we get to run an extra lap because you were late”, or “Rice!! Give me 20 push ups for talking back!”. That made me associate push ups, running, sit ups, etc all with a negative thing that happened to me. I never really thought about it much until now. Now I have a teenage daughter in school, and she is having the same stuff happen to her. When kids on her volleyball team get in trouble they punish the child or the whole team by making them run, or do some kind of exercise. Are we not making generations of people associate exercise and working out with negativity which then makes us subconsciously not want to do it?


Anyway just a random thought I had.

Why I like Brewskime the Social Beer Drinking App

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

I have been asked before by friends and even by random folks on Twitter why I like BrewskiMe, the social beer drinking app. Im going use this post to highlight some of the things I like that make me such a loyal user of the app.

  1. I like using it to learn more about beers I didnt know about before. For example when I post a status update about a beer it suggests similar beers. Another example is that when my friends drink something I can see it and check it out.
  2. Unlike some other apps out there BrewskiMe is a native app and LOOKS amazing and runs so FAST!
  3. Its the only social beer drinking app I know of that allows you to take pictures and post them with your status update
  4. I am a twitter junkie, BrewskiMe has support to post to twitter and also Facebook. When you post a status update and the brewery is on twitter it mentions them, then I know about someone else to follow on twitter for updates about their beers!
  5. BrewskiMe has the best User Interface out of all the apps I have tried. Every aspect of it from adding a new beer to posting a status update about the beer you are drinking is so simple and intuitive. Other apps left me confused and poking at them trying to figure out what to do, maybe even reading some docs to get that done.. Im busy drinking I dont want it to be hard or I wont use it..
  6. I think BrewskiMe is the only app that lets you select if the beer you are having is in a bottle, can, or draft. If Im wrong on this I sure cant find the feature in the others..
  7. BrewskiMe has a “Cellar” feature which is really awesome.. I add beers that I have (even homebrews) to my cellar. My friends now know what beers I have around the house if they want to come over and drink with me! Again if this feature is available in other apps I sure havent found it
  8. The BrewskiMe crew is also active on twitter. When you need help or have ideas for enhancements they are all ears. I found a bug once with timestamps, pointed it out to them on twitter and with in a week there was an update in the app store and it was fixed.

These are the main reasons I really like the app. I cant only point out the pros though.. I have to admit there are a couple things I would like to see changed. I have mentioned these to the team and they are addressing them. I will share those things with you too.

  1. Right now the app is only available on iOS devices. Thats no big deal to me personally but I do have a few friends who just LOVE Android and will not consider an iOS device.. The response on this from the team was that they would like to have an Android version but their primary focus is on the iOS platform at this time.
  2. You cant see the public status feed right now. I have been told this will be coming in the very near future

I hope this post will answer some of the questions about why I like BrewskiMe so much. If you want to be friends on BrewskiMe my username is errr, and on Twitter you can find me at @errr_

Wasting Money on Advertising

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Im curious. I want to know.. How much money is wasted on advertising?

What do I mean by this you may wonder.. What I mean is this: Do you own a Kindle? Then when you go to Amazon the first thing you see is them trying to sell you another Kindle. Maybe you are a customer of Rackspace Cloud and you do searches on the Internet for things that have to do with Rackspace Cloud docs or what ever, then suddenly everywhere you go there is a Rackspace Cloud ad staring back at you, and you want to yell at the dumb ad to go away because you are already a customer!! This is also a regular thing with Cellular ads. If you are listening to the free Pandora app on your iOS or Android device you will hear numerous ads for Living Social. A great product, one I signed up for because of one of these ads, but even after I sign up through my cellular device I STILL GET THE SAME AD over and over and over!

I understand sometimes it is going to be very difficult to know what is a wasted ad and what is not. Maybe when I am surfing the web there is no way for google to know I am already a Rackspace customer, I understand, its frustrating but I do understand.. But sometimes they know. Take amazon, they sold me the Kindle.. If I show up at Amazon and at the top of the page it say “Welcome back, Michael Rice” they know its me, and that they just sold me a kindle not 3 weeks ago. Why are they not pushing some other product in my face trying to entice me to buy it like they did the Kindle? And what about the Pandora ads? If I sign up for Living Social using the same creds I use to log into Pandora why cant they see I am a member and not waste that Living Social ad on me, and give me something else I might want to sign up for or buy?

Im just curious. Are we as developers even working on this for our companies? Do our bosses even see this as an issue? Am I just crazy to think this way? Is there even something WE CAN do to make this better? Furthermore is it something that needs to be made better? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Michael Rice and Facebook

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Yes I have a facebook account, here is a link to it.

Soda Pop Addiction

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

For years I have not had any kind of soda pop. At some point in my life I started noticing I would get a bad stomach ache after drinking a soda. I never really thought much about it… I just quit drinking them. Well a couple of years ago I started getting sick a lot. I went to my regular doctor and nothing was obviously wrong with me. I started thinking about the feelings I got when I felt sick.. it reminded me of when I would eat peanuts which I am very allergic to, it also reminded me of how I felt when drinking a couple of sodas. This made me think.. So I went and got tested for allergies again. I had not been tested since I was about 12. This time I asked that they only test me for food allergies. As it turned out I am allergic to soy, and corn too. Aha! No wonder when I would drink a soda I felt so sick. All the sodas seem to be sweetened with that nasty high fructose corn syrup crap.. Well bummer for me right.. no one makes soda with sugar these days right.. WRONG!! I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing because now I am re-addicted to soda again. I started looking around and found that Mexican Coke was still made with sugar, then I found out that the Dublin Dr Pepper plant still made Dr Pepper the original way using Imperial Sugar, next I start looking hard for all kinds of sodas that are made with sugar and to my pleasant surprise there are TONS out there. We now keep Mexican coke, Pepsi throwback, Dublin Dr Pepper, and many many others at our house. They all come in glass bottles too just like they should (except the Pepsi.. wth Pepsi..). I have found TONS of delicious Root Beers made just like it used to be made “back in the day”. I find most of these sodas at Central Market, and Whole Foods. The Mexican Coke and the Pepsi ate the cheapest at Costco from what I have found. I also found this AWESOME stuff called Bubble Up that is a lemon lime soda, it is made with real sugar and with Lemon and Lime oil extracts.. It is SO much better than Sprite or 7up could ever dream of being..

5 years and I still dont have anything interesting to say…

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Wow so its been a little over 5 years since my first post. What a ride its been! I wonder what the next 5 will bring? With any luck the winning numbers to the lottery so I wont have to work any more 🙂

Please be safe while celebrating this holiday season and dont drink and drive

Things I find Annoying…

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

I freakin hate when there is an ad for something and they show a price and in tiny microscopic print they put “after pain in the ass to get split between 4 companies mail in get screwed on rebate” Why dont these companies stop doing this and they be the ones to deal with the mail in crap. I want my discount now, and I dont want some technicality like me forgetting the correct department to ship it too to end up costing me my nice discount that made me buy the item in the first place…

Next why are all these computer makers still pumping out PCs and shipping them with a 32b os? Then to top it off when you call them to get a copy of the 64b so all the memory your computer came with will be used some of them are telling you to bad. Seriously.. why would you sell me a laptop with 4G of ram then put an OS on there that will only report 3.25 of it as usable. Thanks. Should I just throw the other 768 in the trash? Why not just put a 64b system on there to begin with and make everyone happy.

Save a life

Friday, December 11th, 2009

So I got this thing in the mail the other day from this cancer research center. It had a nickel in it. On the front it said “Find out how this nickel can save the life of a child”. Im thinking to my self… If this nickel really can save the life of a child why did you just send it to me? I don’t need it… So I put it back in the mail “Return to sender. Please use said nickel to save a childs life”

Have you tried rebooting your computer?

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

I have recently gotten into this awesome show called The IT Crowd. Its really funny. I thought I would share with you a really funny clip from season 1.

South Park does it again

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Well the guys at South Park did it again. Here is a classic clip from a recent episode of South Park