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Wednesday, December 29th, 2004

I have been working on on my new site alot here lately and I think I just about have it all done. I am going to try to find a gallery plugin for the site, or I am going to be forced to learn php so I can hack something my self. Stop by and check it out sometime. On a side note the gallery is messed up right now on this site. I moved some files around and switched apache servers and who would have guessed it would quit 🙂 I should have it fixed soon.

*knock*knock* 2005 is almost here!!

Wednesday, December 29th, 2004

Wow, and I mean wow!! This year has gone by so fast. This time last year I was just getting enrolled for my first semester in college. I never thought I would even go to college. I always hated school and ended up droping out in 10th grade. I dropped back in and then out again and didnt go back to school for almost 7 years. I decided to take my GED one day so I asked my mom for the 50 bucks to take the test and I passed on my first try. A couple years passed and I was still working to hard for the money I made and getting way to dirty. After I lost my job at a place that will remain nameless, I decided to go to school. I decided I want a degree in computers, something I have been very very interested with for a long time. 30 credit hours and a 3.91gpa later here I am getting ready for my second year.

Lots of cool things happened to us this year. My cousin Seth (the one with the red rag) graduated from college. My brother and his team ended up winning the city championship. Its been over a year since my last cigarette and I havent missed them one bit. I have however got off of my good diet and workout routine, this is coming to an end, I must loose some weight and start eating right and working out regularly again.

I just want to wish everyone a happy and safe new year.


All work and no play…..

Monday, December 27th, 2004

My mom and her roommate recently got cable internet. In the house there are 3 computers and only 1 modem. I offered mom a spare computer I had and switch so her and her roomie could both surf at the same time. Getting them setup using smoothwall ended up being a chore but it had something to do with the NetGear FA-311 NIC I was trying to use. I swapped it for this Kingston I had and it worked fine, for a month, tops…. Mom calls me up with problems. I bring the equipment home and tests show the switch was bad. Being so close to Christmas, mom didnt want to spend any money to go buy a new switch so I decided I would buy her a wireless router for Christmas.

I place an order for a router with PCMCIA NIC for a very good price, but got an email the next day saying it was out of stock and my order was being cancled. Next I decided to head to Walmart to try and find a router. I found a Blitzz Super G for like 49.99 so I bought it. Doing this ment I was going to have to loan my wireless stuff to mom but thats no big deal I dont use it anyway. To make the install cooler for mom I decided I would go ahead and set the router up here at the house so it would be setup and secure on Christmas when we give her the gift. I spent almost an hour trying to get my laptop to log on to this access point. I was using windows for this task which was my first mistake. I decided to get out my copy of knoppix-std and see if I could detect the network using kismet. Quickly I discovered this router was broken. Did I mention its 12-24-04 and like 7:30pm. I had to give mom the broken router and we got it returned today.

I spent way to long trying to get the router setup the way I wanted it today. For some reason I was unable to connect to the access point and obtain an IP adress, if I had WEP enabled and was hiding the SSID. Once I started broadcasting the SSID I was able to log on just fine. I guess using the access control via MAC address and 128 WEP will have to be good enough.

I decided I wanted to build another site so I purchased I was hosting the site here but my ISP is blocking the mail port and it was keeping me from being able to have users join my site. G.A. Heath was so cool as to offer to host the site for me. So thanks to him now I can have members on my site, and not have to confirm each one my self.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 25th, 2004

Nothing much just saying merry christmas.

I hate to brag, but…..

Thursday, December 23rd, 2004

I have the smartest little girl in the world. Ok maybe I dont but I think she is smart as a whip. She has been playing some computer games off and on for over a year. Most of the games she played were on windows and they cost us as much as $20.00 per game, and when I played them I didnt feel like they were really teaching her very much. While searching google for some educational games for children that I could install on Linux for April to play I found GCompris and Childs Play. Both games are free and best of all they are OSS (open source software). April loves both of these games, in ChildsPlay she enjoys playing the memory game. The memory game starts out with 6 cards then increases to 8 then 12 and then to 24. After she beats the game she is prompted for her name, that she spells correctly, and then a series of rocket ships go into the air and spell GAME OVER. ChildsPlay also has several other activities she enjoys doing. There is an audio matching game, as well as a match the animal sound to the correct animal that made the sound, and several number games. ChildsPlay might be her favorite because she gets to type her name and hit enter. GCompris is alot like childsplay, but gcompris has alot more activities.

Both games do have a Windows version, although ChidsPlay seems to have the full version for windows, whereas GCompris does not. GCompris claims on their site:

There is a Windows version of gcompris. Take care, in order to promote the use of GNU/Linux, the windows version has a limited number of activities. It is possible to access all the activities ported on windows for a fee

Just testing the guns…

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004

After a long night of fighting with MySQL I think I got all the problems worked out. Only time will tell for sure though. Hopefully coming soon will be some test forums and maybe some other domains. I got apache all configured to use the vhosting tonight. I am thinking of getting a couple more sites so I figured I might as well get apache ready. In the mean time its 03:18 and I am tired. I also got my gallery some what setup.