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Movin on up…..

Wednesday, February 16th, 2005

Thats right… I am movin on up in WordPress versions. There is a new version out right now. I just upgraded today from version 1.2 and there were no problems at all. If you are upgrading from version 1.2 be ready for tons of new cool features. There have been several things added to help prevent spam from your comments section. Everyone run out and get your copy tooday!!

Where's my cell when I need it….

Tuesday, February 15th, 2005

I was sitting around like no other when I remembered I needed to go to school to take care of some stuff, so I decided to head up and do it today. It was very close to 3:15 when I left, for those who dont know thats when the elementary schools get out here, and my normal path to school goes right in front of an elementary school. Wanting to avoid the busses I took a side street. There was a cop sitting in this parking lot I passed, as I turned to get back on the path to the college I start to notice there is a lot of smoke, but I cant see where its coming from. When I get back to the street that goes in front of the elementary I look to the left and I see huge flames dancing above the fence of this persons house. I reached for my cell to call 911 but crap!! I forgot it at home!!! So I whipped a u-turn real fast and went and got the officer. I lead him to the house, he ran to the door and notified the people that the house was on fire (or at least the backyard was) I saw the people running out of the house, a few moments later the fire department arrived and I left so they could do their job. When I got finished at school the blaze was out and the fire department was talking with the family. I hope everything was Ok for them.

For my family

Saturday, February 12th, 2005

You’re all welcome to read but this is, but it’s mostly for the family members… I just thought I would let you all know that the is also enjoying this new internet connection. No more slow loading of the pictures in the gallery so feel free to browse away.

got bandwidth?

Monday, February 7th, 2005

Well I have moved my server out of my bedroom and up to Permian Basin Online and on to a real connection. So far everything is running smooth as a top. I am going to be getting to learn all about remote administration. I have been playing on the LAN in my room, but its different when you really cant just have the computer right infront of you. I’m looking forward to getting to setup an email server and DNS.

On a side note did anyone else read that Joe was going to start blogging again or was that something I dreamed up?*hint*hint* I even hear he has been on TV and everything….. 🙂

A nifty app

Sunday, February 6th, 2005

Today after I ran svn update on my fluxbox I realized it had been a few days since I had last read through the Changelog. As I was reading through it I noticed some cool new features added to fluxbox-generate_menu. If you didnt know Fluxbox now has support for png icons in the menu. You need to build with ./configure –enable-imlib2 to enable the support in fluxbox because it is default off as of this posting current svn is Revision: 3890. So I see that someone named Dung N. Lam has added support to find .desktop files as well as lots of icons too. Here is a screen shot (pic removed sorry) of the menu that got generated on my gentoo system. I thought that was a pretty impressive addition to fluxbox-generate_menu Its a really long shell script that will run on any platform fluxbox will. The old version always lacked finding a lot of apps, but this one gets the job done much better. I decided to send Dung an email with a link to the screenshot. He responded pretty quickly and told me its missing alot of icons it should have and I have been trying to help him by sending output of commands so he can improve the script for the gentoo users too. He also told me about another project he has called tablaunch its a sweet little app… The whole point of this long story 🙂

I installed tablaunch about 2 hours ago. Its very small, but does have a dependencie of imlib 1.9.14 (required) Imlib2 1.0.6 (recommended). setup is a snap. The default for this app is to look for icons located in ~/.icons/48×48/ so what I did was:

ln -s /usr/share/icons/gentoo/48×48/ ~/.icons/48×48

and created a symbolic link to the snazy looking bubble icons that you get if you emerge gentoo-artwork (iirc) you can get them from here if you want. I did the same for the 64×64 icons too. Next I created my ~/.tablaunch file here is mine if you just want to use it. Make sure you have the right files in the right place for it to work though. 🙂 Next all you have to do is start it. I used a couple of the command line args,

./tablaunch -fg white -bg black -fn snap -sfn snap -sfg white –iconhome ~/.icons/64×64

I wanted the larger icons so I used the 64×64.

Here is a Screenshot of what it looks like in action I didnt fully install the app. If you wish to test it out with out installing it like I did then you can download the source to ~/src/ then unpack it

tar -xzvf tablaunch-0.4.tar.gz && cd tablaunch-0.4/src && make

If all goes well it will create an executable that you can envoke with the command above.

Whats wrong here….

Friday, February 4th, 2005

Im in IRC the otherday when one of the Fluxbox developers, ak|ra, posted a link to this disturbing article about how todays highschool students feel about the government, and Amendments of the constitution (mainly the first….) If you are a highschool government teacher please try and find some other ways to get your students interested our rights. I read that and it made me feel sick. I already feel we give up little rights here and there all the time, but according to the article,

“more than one in three high school students said the First Amendment goes “too far” in the rights it guarantees….”

Thats sickening to read….. What do you think…..What is it going to take to get these potential voters interested in maintainging our freedoom, and fighting for more rights? I dont know about you but I am not in any way ready to give up any of my 1st Amendment rights, and our elected officals better fight tooth and nail to keep us from loosing anything important to us or we will vote them out.. or will we with voters who want less rights???