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Fluxbox Menu Creator

Friday, March 25th, 2005

I have been wanting a version of fluxbox-generate_menu that I could use that would only update my background dir. Also I didnt want anything but the few minimal tools I like to use. I could have used a method built into fluxbox to put all of my images in the menu and it would even dynamicly update…but (and this is a big stinky but for me) it would put all the images into 1 sub folder. No big deal if you dont have alot of background images. I have over 300 and yeah I like to have them all in my menu to choose from. So during the night I got bored and as usual I couldnt sleep, then to top it off it was dead in #fluxbox on IRC so I wrote If you want a menu that will be like mine and only have the things you want and use in your menu with out alot of editing then this may be for you.

thanks to Zan for the spell checking of the app.

ahhhh spring break

Monday, March 14th, 2005

Its sure nice to be on spring break this week. I have needed the break from school. You might have noticed the site being down for a week or more and wondered why. Well I have been busy setting up a FreeBSD 5.3 web server and I will start setting up the email service on it soon using QMail Rocks.

We have been busy trying to clean up our shop in the back yard. We have a 20×40 shop out back that makes a great workshop but we started filling it with stuff that we wanted to sell in a yard sale almost 5 years ago and have never had the sale. It sat out there so long it got ruined and so we have been cleaning it out. I get to haul off a trailer load of broken recliners and other trash off to the dump in the morning, it should be loads of fun; we just have to get out there before it heats up….if you know what I mean.