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Commenting your code

Thursday, September 29th, 2005

Ok I have been reading and writting a lot of code lately, and one thing that is really pissing me off when I start reading other peoples code is the massive lack of commenting that is going on. It really drives me insane. Whats wrong with taking 1 min of your time as you are writting code to pause and

// this is a comment
/* or maybe this is a comment */
# and maybe this is a comment…
! Maybe even this. Whats it take to get people to comment!?!?!

It doesnt make you cool to not add comments to your code, no one thinks youre a great programmer because you managed to write 1200 lines and not 1 comment in it, it makes you a bit of an a-hole. Im not talking to any one person out there, and if you do comment your code good woot for you, keep it up.

I have been running into a whole mess of uncommented code in the UT2004 video game. It has all this open source stuff where you can make mods etc etc, and thats great and all, but when youre doing code for public projects such as a game mod like this; even if you dont think anyone will look at the code; better guess again, we will reverse compile your code and look what you did to see how it happened so we can make a mod thats similar or maybe even fix a bug in your mod (yep you might have a bug in your mod I know its hard to believe) and reading through 1261 lines of code to find 10 lines that have a comment on them and then only 4 of those 10 are even the slightest bit like a comment (the others are who evers name and date etc) makes it harder to fix your code, or see what youre doing/trying to do. Moral of this rant is to comment your code no matter what your doing!!!!!

Mustang troubles

Monday, September 26th, 2005

Well my poor old mustang is dead. 🙁 Im sad to report that due to me being so lazy and not taking the time to fix my car almost a year ago when it broke, and then having not even driven it in 2 1/2 years its dead in the water… I got all the money for what I thought would be a simple R&R (remove and replace) for the lower radiator hose, and thermostat; went and bought the parts, and stripped down the car to begin the repair. As soon as I got the lower hose off I knew I had bigger problems on my hand. The waterpump had a hole in it and so I knew right then I would be putting on a waterpump too. I went ahead and bought a new waterpump and pulled the old one off, and while cleaning the old gasket off the timing chain cover I see what turns out to be my worst nightmare.. I see a hole in my timing chain cover where the water jacket runs into the block. Im pissed, upset, etc etc all at the same time… Just when I thought I was going to get to drive my car for the first time in a couple years I see this job just got way bigger… My next step is to check my oil cause where the hole is at there *should* be NO water in my oil…. but there is.. So now I have started pulling the motor apart, and I guess now my 1991 mustang gets to join my junk yard of broken down mustangs with my 1989. Oh well. I will be getting it fixed someday, just no idea when that day will be… In the mean time at least I do still have my little truck to drive.. its just not as much fun as that Nitrous powered 5.0.

On a positive and unrelated note I got an 80% on my Math test that I took last week so all is not bad 🙂 Now as long as I can keep that up, and pass that luck on to my networking class for my Subnetting test I will be in good shape.

FancyIndexing with Apache

Monday, September 26th, 2005

I did a little work lastnight getting my site: errr-online all setup using FancyIndexing. I had a blast and I really think my folders (aka Index of /foo) look really great now too: what do you think??

I hate spam

Monday, September 19th, 2005

I havent checked the comments for my blog in ages, maybe like 4 months… Yeah I know I am lazy what can I say. So I decided to look and see if I had any comments pending moderation. I look in the comment section and my jaw nearly hits the floor. I have almost 400 comments waiting on me to moderate.. At first I thought WOW people read my blog!!!! this is great!!, then I read the first several comments, and you guessed it SPAM But to see if possibly one of you sly readers did leave me a comment I did read (scan really fast like) all the comments and did find 2 legitimate comments and I did allow them to be added, thanks for commenting 🙂 .

Why do these people spam.. I know the reason is for stats on search engines but man these people suck, I hate them and I would tell you who did it so that you wouldnt go to the site but, we all bad press is still better than no press at all… I will tell you that Online Poker sucks and I hate it and all the people who help fund it, as well as the jerks who write the spambots who hammer on blogs and other places trying to spread the word about their worthless site. You all suck and youre going to burn in a hot place for it someday.

On an unrelated note Fluxbox 0.9.14 has been released, make sure to update asap, and do not mix up 0.1.14 with the .9.14 package because if you install it by mistake you will be going back in time about 3 1/2 years.