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Shirley Jackson The Lottery

Saturday, January 21st, 2006

Well school has started back and I am taking a few classes this semester and Im working at the school in the lab as the linux lab guy… One of the classes I am taking is the second semester of freshman english, 1302 as my school calls it. Its a very interesting class so far, lots and lots of reading in this class. So far we have read two short stories.

The first was by Nathaniel Hawthorne, a story called Youg Goodman Brown. This was a very cool story, I found it a bit hard to read (even after being modernized some) for me due to it having been written in the 1800s and me not being the best reader (thanks cartoon network :P). If you are bored and have 30-45 mins free go read that little story, its about a guy who questions his “Faith”, it has some pretty interesting characters in it, and I found it pretty enjoyable.

The second story we have had to read was written by Shirley Jackson and called The Lottery. It was first published: 1948, in the June 28 edition of the New Yorker Magazine. All I can say about this story was that it was great. When I first started reading it I though “Oh boy this one is gonna be lame” but it got really good really fast. At first I was wondering.. whats this gonna be about, are the winners gonna get money, a home imporvemnt.. what could it be.. I was really excited to find out. I found before the end that the winner wasnt really gonna be a winner..what a twist this story has… If you are looking to spend 20 mins or so reading a really good short story take a look at The Lottery. Its well worth the read.