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New Host

Friday, February 3rd, 2006

Well its been a long time coming, but at long last I think I have found a new long term hosting solution for this site. Since I put this site online back in 2004 I have hosted it at home. Its been lots of fun and I have really learned a ton, but lets face it, with school and now work, I just dont have the time to keep my server updated.

I have been using FreeBSD as my web server for almost a year now. I ran this nice tool called portaudit that checks installed packages for known vulnerabilities, I found I had 50 packages. These included my php, apache, and several of the other server software packages I was using. I decided after finding all these vulnerable packages it would be better for me time wise to just get a host and only worry about keeping my web content updated for a while. I knew that PBLUG used to host our LUG site, and I also knew that Caleb also used them so I figured Id give them a shot. Its a heck of a good deal, and Im glad I made this move.

Our gallery is going to be offline for a while. Im not sure how long but I hope to get it back up soon. I only get 200MB of space, but it says more for free as needed so we will see because my gallery is about 400MB. I have (read in the process of still) also moved my familys site to this host as well. The same goes for the gallery on that site right now too. I have found that alot of the same pictures are in each gallery so I will see what I can do to use only 1 gallery instead of 2 of them this time.

I plan to post some news about the fluxbox wiki soon, but this has gone on long enough.. Ill save that for another day when I am bored 😉