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UIL regional meet, and another year older :)

Friday, April 21st, 2006

Well today was my 26th Birthday. I had a really good time. I didnt do what most people I know who are in their 20’s do on their birthday (which is go out and drink and party). Instead I was a judge at a UIL computer science regional meet. It was totally awesome. There was a total of 9 teams from all across parts of Texas. One team ended up having to quit before we got started because they had a sick team member and they didnt have the required 3 team members needed to compete. The contest had a total of 12 problems that each team could choose to do. Each problem they got correct was worth a max of 60 points. Some of the problems were so easy to do that if you didnt get them right you didnt need to be there in the first place, and others would have taken me more than the 2 hours of allowed time to write. All the teams got problems 11, and 12 right off the bat with the first submission taking under 8 mins. Which isnt much of a suprise considering this was all that was needed:

for(int i=0;i<23555;i++) System.out.println(“some message”);

Most of the other programs required you to parse some given data files and do something with them. The easy ones were problems 11,12,1 and 2. Only 1 team even tried any other programs than those 4. Team 6 (no idea who team 6 was) They tried problem 6 and found a bug in the given data and we were able to reproduce the bug, this team would have won first place if they would have had the correct datafile to parse. I have no idea what will happen now but they should be given the points for finding the bug like they did. I got a shirt in the mail from today from my mom. It was the “No, I will not fix your computer.” shirt. Personally I think I had the coolest shirt on tonight at the contest. It was really a great time getting to see all the upcoming computer scientists, some of those kids were really bright. Well I guess this is the end of my geeky day. I guess Ill wrap it up by writting some java code on one of my apps.