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Fedora Core 5 Win32 Codecs

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006

I was trying to play some video clips today that were wmv files. I had installed the mplayer stuff from the livna repo, and I have been able to play most of the files I had fine. Today I found it didnt get all the codecs I needed to play the windows media file stuff. What I did was went to the mplayer site and downloaded the essential codecs package. Next as root I did

mkdir /usr/local/lib/win32

Then simply unpacked the tarball in this dir

tar xjvf essential-20060611.tar.bz2 && mv essential-20060611/* /usr/local/lib/win32

After that I just started using mplayer as normal and my wmv files played fine. I hope this will help someone else out getting these types of files to play.