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Fluxbox Pod Cast

Saturday, October 14th, 2006

Hey I was in #fluxbox IRC the other day when a buddy of mine came in and told us about a fluxbox pod cast. We all had to go tune in and give it a listen. The guy did ok but he sure missed on some of what I feel are the best features, like the keys and apps file. If you give it a listen please make sure to investigate what he says because not all of it is true, he says fluxbox doesnt support icons and it does.. Other minor things like this are said though out the show, but over all publicity is publicity. Oh and there is an ogg of the show too. If you enjoy his show make sure to visit his forums and let him know.. can he do better..? if so let him know, he is a very good guy. Its got to be hard working putting a show up like that.

PekWM, its whats for breakfast!

Thursday, October 12th, 2006

I have been trying to get a package built for fedora for pekwm. PekWM is a nice light weight window manager for X-11. I decided to give it a shot using it because it supported dynamic menus. I built a package and filed a bug report so it could be included in fedora extras. After my first couple of comments it was suggested to me to create something more fedora friendly for my package. As it is the default menu provided by pekwm has a lot of apps in it. I didnt even have 1/2 of them my self. This was a minor problem to provide a package to a user who in turn cant use 1/2 of whats in the menu. It doesnt take an expert to figure out that bugs would be filed about things “not working”. I decided to take the code from fluxbox-xdg-menu and fork it to work for pekwm. After about an hour or so of hacking I removed all the unneeded stuff from its code base and had a fully functional dynamic menu generator using standards. Tonight I plan to repackage pekwm and post an updated .spec file and src rpm. I hope that by the first of next week I will be commiting pekwm to fedora extras cvs.

Car go boom boom

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

Well about a week or 2 ago I was driving and started to notice a tapping comming from my truck. I figured it was an exhaust leak or maybe a lifter that was tapping. The noise got worse over the next week or so and it turned into a knock. I knew this sound well because I have at this point blown up about 11 motors. Not because Im hard on a car, but because I buy an EOL car or truck (end of life). EOL is all I ever have the money to afford so Im used to blowing up motors. This truck was no exception to the rule. On my way to work Friday the motor gave out and I had to get my unlce to come tow it home for me. Now Im in the market for another EOL car or truck. Some day Ill get a good job and be able to buy a decent ride, but until then EOL here I come.

Fedora Extras Sponsered!!

Friday, October 6th, 2006

Hey, thats right!! I have now been sponsered and I got my CVS access yesterday to the fedora extras project. Patrice Dumas has sponsered me so now it looks like I will be able to add some of my packages to the Fedora Extras so you can now install them offically via yum. Right now I have been approved to add scrot, wmctrl, and root-tail. Look for these packages soon in a repo near you.