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Turkey time is coming soon!!

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

Well its nearly time for turkey. Every year my brothers moms side of the family has a fried turkey Its always deep fried in peanut oil. Every year for the past 5 or so years I have gone over to eat some of this tasty bird. I love it.. The meat is always so juicy and tender, unlike when the turkey is baked, its generally a bit more dry and not as tender (at least in my experince). Since the age of about 10 or younger I have known I had an allergy to peanuts. Nothing at all had ever happened to me when I would eat a PB&J. Once I hit about 22 I started to notice when I would eat one or even a hand full of peanuts I would have a stomach ache though, now at the age of 26 I get down right sick and have been known to start throwing up and stuff… This sucks because it looks like this will be my first year in a long time to have to pass on the turkey.

I know several other people who happen to hate peanuts but they could eat them all day, one of them wont even touch peanutbutter.. why cant she be the one with the allergy instead of me.. it wouldnt matter to her anyway since she hates it anyway.. oh well.. life goes on!

Bonham Owls 8th Grade Football

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

My not so little brother Matt played football for Bonham this year. His team basicly kicked total ass. They went undefeated all season long. Last night they played for what I guess was to be distric champs against Goddard, an undefeated team from Midland. Most of the other games during the season were no challenge for Bonham. They would go in and dominate, some of the games they played had scores up in the 60’s with the other team at 0 or maybe 7. This game was not that way. If Bonham was going to win this one they were going to have to work their ass off for it. Both teams wanted to win this game, and it was obvious. Goddard would drive its way down to the goal line and then Bonham would hold them off and get a turn over. Bonham would drive down then Goddard would hold them for a turn over. This went on back and forth with both teams allowing only 2 touch downs each. The game stayed this way all the way to the end. The final score was Bonham 14 Goddard 14. I was completely impressed with the sportsman ship Goddard displayed after the game was over. Bonham was in the inzone having a meeting with the coaches, all the Goddard players and coaches went to the 50 yard line and took off their helmets and put them on the ground and then began to give Bonham a round of appluse and then rushed in to give them all a high 5. It was killer to see all those kids celebrating how hard they played. Each team went home a winner last night. Congratulations to both teams on the best game of 8th grade football I watched all season long!!