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5 years and I still dont have anything interesting to say…

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Wow so its been a little over 5 years since my first post. What a ride its been! I wonder what the next 5 will bring? With any luck the winning numbers to the lottery so I wont have to work any more 🙂

Please be safe while celebrating this holiday season and dont drink and drive

daemontools + mono + dream

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

daemontools is a wonderful alternative to using inittab or rc.d startup scripts on your favorite Linux and BSD boxes. I really like using it, but Im not here to sell you on it, simply to tell you how you can use it to keep your dream server going. I am going to use the 8-ball example from the mindtouch site for this example. First I like to go to the directory where I keep my dream app.

cd ~/8-ball/bin

This is the directory where my file is located. Next using my favorite $EDITOR I will


In this file I will add the following:

cd /home/errr/8-ball/bin &&
exec envuidgid www-data /usr/bin/mono script 8ball.startup.xml \
public-uri \
server-name \

Next save the file & set the script to be executable

chmod +x run

Now I will explain a couple of things here. First off the envuidgid is a command from daemontools so you may need to provide the full path to your file location of this if it is not in your $PATH. Second off is the IP flag. If you use an IP here from my testing then the host will only work when you type that IP. See more about that here:
Now you need to be root (or you can use sudo) for this next part. Head to your service directory. If you installed daemontools from source that is typically /service but if you are like me and use Debian/GNU Linux and used apt-get to install it then it will be located in /etc/service Simply change to the directory and symlink: | /home/errr | 16:38 |
» sudo -s
[sudo] password for errr: | /home/errr | 16:38 |
» cd /etc/service | /etc/service | 16:39 |
» ln -s /home/errr/8-ball/bin 8ball

From here its like any other new service we have ever added. svscan will automatically start the new service within 5 seconds. You can verify that its working with ps, svstat or by just hitting the URL directly. In my case you can see my example here

Slice Host

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

So I got me a VPS the other day. I really missed having a Linux box at my disposal to test cool stuff with, or do what ever other really geeky things it is I do with Linux boxes. One of my buddies who happens to work at Rackspace just couldn’t say enough positive stuff about Slice Host and neither can I. As you may or may not know Slice Host is a Rackspace company (which means awesome everything!! support, stability, network speed…).This is a kick ass deal!! I currently have 2 256 slices. On one of them I am running tinydns for hosting my DNS (even though slice host will do that for me for free… what fun is that?),exim4 to host email for a few users (even though you get this super cheap offer from slice host to have rackspace host your email for you.. again what fun is that?), lighttpd to host some php sites (I am using SQLite for all my databases), and nagios to monitor some sites I like to keep an eye on. I also have that same machine setup for hosting Mono apps. One of which is Dream, a wonderful frame work I am very interested in right now. All this and I still have like 80M of free memory. Im not even sure what I am going to do with my new slice but Im sure it wont take me long to find some new cool thing I need to test out.

Things I find Annoying…

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

I freakin hate when there is an ad for something and they show a price and in tiny microscopic print they put “after pain in the ass to get split between 4 companies mail in get screwed on rebate” Why dont these companies stop doing this and they be the ones to deal with the mail in crap. I want my discount now, and I dont want some technicality like me forgetting the correct department to ship it too to end up costing me my nice discount that made me buy the item in the first place…

Next why are all these computer makers still pumping out PCs and shipping them with a 32b os? Then to top it off when you call them to get a copy of the 64b so all the memory your computer came with will be used some of them are telling you to bad. Seriously.. why would you sell me a laptop with 4G of ram then put an OS on there that will only report 3.25 of it as usable. Thanks. Should I just throw the other 768 in the trash? Why not just put a 64b system on there to begin with and make everyone happy.

Save a life

Friday, December 11th, 2009

So I got this thing in the mail the other day from this cancer research center. It had a nickel in it. On the front it said “Find out how this nickel can save the life of a child”. Im thinking to my self… If this nickel really can save the life of a child why did you just send it to me? I don’t need it… So I put it back in the mail “Return to sender. Please use said nickel to save a childs life”