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Wasting Money on Advertising

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Im curious. I want to know.. How much money is wasted on advertising?

What do I mean by this you may wonder.. What I mean is this: Do you own a Kindle? Then when you go to Amazon the first thing you see is them trying to sell you another Kindle. Maybe you are a customer of Rackspace Cloud and you do searches on the Internet for things that have to do with Rackspace Cloud docs or what ever, then suddenly everywhere you go there is a Rackspace Cloud ad staring back at you, and you want to yell at the dumb ad to go away because you are already a customer!! This is also a regular thing with Cellular ads. If you are listening to the free Pandora app on your iOS or Android device you will hear numerous ads for Living Social. A great product, one I signed up for because of one of these ads, but even after I sign up through my cellular device I STILL GET THE SAME AD over and over and over!

I understand sometimes it is going to be very difficult to know what is a wasted ad and what is not. Maybe when I am surfing the web there is no way for google to know I am already a Rackspace customer, I understand, its frustrating but I do understand.. But sometimes they know. Take amazon, they sold me the Kindle.. If I show up at Amazon and at the top of the page it say “Welcome back, Michael Rice” they know its me, and that they just sold me a kindle not 3 weeks ago. Why are they not pushing some other product in my face trying to entice me to buy it like they did the Kindle? And what about the Pandora ads? If I sign up for Living Social using the same creds I use to log into Pandora why cant they see I am a member and not waste that Living Social ad on me, and give me something else I might want to sign up for or buy?

Im just curious. Are we as developers even working on this for our companies? Do our bosses even see this as an issue? Am I just crazy to think this way? Is there even something WE CAN do to make this better? Furthermore is it something that needs to be made better? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.