10 things I have to install on Windows

These are listed in no particular order. Sure there are a lot more things I might install before its all over but these are the first 10 things I install on windows. I am currently using Windows Vista Ultimate both at home and at work.
So on to the 10 things..

  • TortoiseSVN. I check out tons of code all the time. I needed something easy to useso some searching led me to TortoiseSVN. Easy to setup and it adds some functionality to your right click menu when in Explorer. I did have to reboot after installing it which I think is stupid but it seems like a normal thing in the Windows world.
  • gvim. Thats right. What self respecting coder can honestly live with out vim? One thing I to note was my .vimrc from Linux I had to name _vimrc on Windows.
  • python. I really enjoy writting python. When I get bored I can always kill a few hours making a new toy.
  • Open Office. Coming from years of only having a Linux desktop all of my documents were in the native Open Office file types.
  • Mozilla Firefox need I say more?
  • Mozilla Thunderbird. I really like this email client. I have been using it on Linux for many years so using this only made sense so I could keep my profile from Linux.
  • VLC If there is a better media player out there please feel free to comment and tell me where to aquire it
  • Ext2IFS This is a nifty little tool. Again after years of Linux only all of my backups thumbdrives, etc are formatted with ext2 or ext3 file systems. This freeware tool allows me to read and write to those disks.
  • putty I do still have Linux servers I need to connect to via ssh. This open source tool makes it possible.
  • VirtuaWin. This open source tool allows you to have multiple desktops in windows just like you have in Linux. It has many features, and works really well.

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