Just testing the guns…

After a long night of fighting with MySQL I think I got all the problems worked out. Only time will tell for sure though. Hopefully coming soon will be some test forums and maybe some other domains. I got apache all configured to use the vhosting tonight. I am thinking of getting a couple more sites so I figured I might as well get apache ready. In the mean time its 03:18 and I am tired. I also got my gallery some what setup.

2 Responses to “Just testing the guns…”

  1. Steve Roberts says:

    Hey Bro! Your site is looking good! How did that truck get over the front of the trailer?!!

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks Steven. The story behind that truck goes like this: My mom was moving from NM and me and my uncle were there helping her get moved. She had a pretty damn steep driveway and this truck was at the top of it. The truck didnt run so me and my uncle decided it would be best to push the truck down the driveway and up onto the auto-transport u-haul trailer. I pushed and my uncle was doing the driving, the truck started gaining way to much speed and my uncle tried to brake, but there were no brakes. After a loud crash and bang, and a couple hundred (I’m guessing I cant remember the exact amount) in wrecker bills we managed to get the truck unstuck. It was pretty funny is a sad way.

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