Slice Host

So I got me a VPS the other day. I really missed having a Linux box at my disposal to test cool stuff with, or do what ever other really geeky things it is I do with Linux boxes. One of my buddies who happens to work at Rackspace just couldn’t say enough positive stuff about Slice Host and neither can I. As you may or may not know Slice Host is a Rackspace company (which means awesome everything!! support, stability, network speed…).This is a kick ass deal!! I currently have 2 256 slices. On one of them I am running tinydns for hosting my DNS (even though slice host will do that for me for free… what fun is that?),exim4 to host email for a few users (even though you get this super cheap offer from slice host to have rackspace host your email for you.. again what fun is that?), lighttpd to host some php sites (I am using SQLite for all my databases), and nagios to monitor some sites I like to keep an eye on. I also have that same machine setup for hosting Mono apps. One of which is Dream, a wonderful frame work I am very interested in right now. All this and I still have like 80M of free memory. Im not even sure what I am going to do with my new slice but Im sure it wont take me long to find some new cool thing I need to test out.


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