Soda Pop Addiction

For years I have not had any kind of soda pop. At some point in my life I started noticing I would get a bad stomach ache after drinking a soda. I never really thought much about it… I just quit drinking them. Well a couple of years ago I started getting sick a lot. I went to my regular doctor and nothing was obviously wrong with me. I started thinking about the feelings I got when I felt sick.. it reminded me of when I would eat peanuts which I am very allergic to, it also reminded me of how I felt when drinking a couple of sodas. This made me think.. So I went and got tested for allergies again. I had not been tested since I was about 12. This time I asked that they only test me for food allergies. As it turned out I am allergic to soy, and corn too. Aha! No wonder when I would drink a soda I felt so sick. All the sodas seem to be sweetened with that nasty high fructose corn syrup crap.. Well bummer for me right.. no one makes soda with sugar these days right.. WRONG!! I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing because now I am re-addicted to soda again. I started looking around and found that Mexican Coke was still made with sugar, then I found out that the Dublin Dr Pepper plant still made Dr Pepper the original way using Imperial Sugar, next I start looking hard for all kinds of sodas that are made with sugar and to my pleasant surprise there are TONS out there. We now keep Mexican coke, Pepsi throwback, Dublin Dr Pepper, and many many others at our house. They all come in glass bottles too just like they should (except the Pepsi.. wth Pepsi..). I have found TONS of delicious Root Beers made just like it used to be made “back in the day”. I find most of these sodas at Central Market, and Whole Foods. The Mexican Coke and the Pepsi ate the cheapest at Costco from what I have found. I also found this AWESOME stuff called Bubble Up that is a lemon lime soda, it is made with real sugar and with Lemon and Lime oil extracts.. It is SO much better than Sprite or 7up could ever dream of being..

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2 Responses to “Soda Pop Addiction”

  1. Chris Muncy says:

    I know this is a bit dated but I just picked up 2 cases of DP in cans from Dublin last week. Much cheaper than the bottles. $10 for a case of 24.

  2. Michael Rice says:

    yeah I wish I were a bit closer, Unless I mail order them, or drive up that way I am forced to keep buying from Central Market paying out the arse for the bottles!! I wish in Texas it was mandatory all DP was from Dublin 😉

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