Using exercise as a punishment

I dont know much about teaching kids, or coaching in general really. I do know a little bit about association though, so Id like to pose this question. Are coaches doing it wrong by using exercise as a punishment? What do I mean by that you may be wondering.. Well when I was a kid in school, and I got in trouble in PE or in Athletics the coaches would ALWAYS punish me, or our team with things like “Looks like we get to run an extra lap because you were late”, or “Rice!! Give me 20 push ups for talking back!”. That made me associate push ups, running, sit ups, etc all with a negative thing that happened to me. I never really thought about it much until now. Now I have a teenage daughter in school, and she is having the same stuff happen to her. When kids on her volleyball team get in trouble they punish the child or the whole team by making them run, or do some kind of exercise. Are we not making generations of people associate exercise and working out with negativity which then makes us subconsciously not want to do it?


Anyway just a random thought I had.

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