Fedora Core 5 irssi scripts

I have been using irssi as my IRC client on gentoo for years. I loved it, I would run it in screen so when I was out in the “real world” I could ssh into my system and “pick up” my IRC session and chat with my buds. When I installed fedora a few weeks ago I made sure to install irssi as well

yum install irssi

For those of you who wanted to know how to install it for your self. I noticed after I installed it I wasnt able to load any of the scripts I have written for it. I was missing the vital command “/script”. To solve this problem all that has to be done is to run the following command

/load perl

This will give you the “/script” command, and with out it you cant load or run any perl scripts. To keep from typing this every time you start irssi simply add it to your startup script for irssi. From the command prompt run the following command

echo "load perl" >> ~/.irssi/startup

I hope this will help someone out there.

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