Turkey time is coming soon!!

Well its nearly time for turkey. Every year my brothers moms side of the family has a fried turkey Its always deep fried in peanut oil. Every year for the past 5 or so years I have gone over to eat some of this tasty bird. I love it.. The meat is always so juicy and tender, unlike when the turkey is baked, its generally a bit more dry and not as tender (at least in my experince). Since the age of about 10 or younger I have known I had an allergy to peanuts. Nothing at all had ever happened to me when I would eat a PB&J. Once I hit about 22 I started to notice when I would eat one or even a hand full of peanuts I would have a stomach ache though, now at the age of 26 I get down right sick and have been known to start throwing up and stuff… This sucks because it looks like this will be my first year in a long time to have to pass on the turkey.

I know several other people who happen to hate peanuts but they could eat them all day, one of them wont even touch peanutbutter.. why cant she be the one with the allergy instead of me.. it wouldnt matter to her anyway since she hates it anyway.. oh well.. life goes on!

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