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daemontools + mono + dream

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

daemontools is a wonderful alternative to using inittab or rc.d startup scripts on your favorite Linux and BSD boxes. I really like using it, but Im not here to sell you on it, simply to tell you how you can use it to keep your dream server going. I am going to use the 8-ball example from the mindtouch site for this example. First I like to go to the directory where I keep my dream app.

cd ~/8-ball/bin

This is the directory where my file is located. Next using my favorite $EDITOR I will


In this file I will add the following:

cd /home/errr/8-ball/bin &&
exec envuidgid www-data /usr/bin/mono script 8ball.startup.xml \
public-uri \
server-name \

Next save the file & set the script to be executable

chmod +x run

Now I will explain a couple of things here. First off the envuidgid is a command from daemontools so you may need to provide the full path to your file location of this if it is not in your $PATH. Second off is the IP flag. If you use an IP here from my testing then the host will only work when you type that IP. See more about that here:
Now you need to be root (or you can use sudo) for this next part. Head to your service directory. If you installed daemontools from source that is typically /service but if you are like me and use Debian/GNU Linux and used apt-get to install it then it will be located in /etc/service Simply change to the directory and symlink: | /home/errr | 16:38 |
» sudo -s
[sudo] password for errr: | /home/errr | 16:38 |
» cd /etc/service | /etc/service | 16:39 |
» ln -s /home/errr/8-ball/bin 8ball

From here its like any other new service we have ever added. svscan will automatically start the new service within 5 seconds. You can verify that its working with ps, svstat or by just hitting the URL directly. In my case you can see my example here

Debian Etch + Samba + Windows 2008 Active Directory Server + DekiWiki

Friday, February 13th, 2009

So I needed to install DekiWiki. I decided to just use the VMWare Image they supply. It uses Debian Etch as its OS. As with all of our other Linux server, I decided this one needed to join our Active Directory Domain. I went to google and did a search for how to connect Debian to AD. Well plenty of guides poped up so I followed them like I did for Ubuntu and for our CentOS machines. I got to the step of actually joining the domain and I got this crappy error:

ads_connect: Server not found in Kerberos database

Well after a trip to the Samba IRC support room I found out I needed a newer version of Samba and WinBind. A simple fix on Debian. By default the Backports repository is already in the sources list on this VMWare image that dekiwiki came on. So all I had to do was:

apt-get -t etch-backports install samba

Then a simple:

net ads join -U administrator -S -W MHIPRIV.COM

That rewarded me with:

Enter administrator’s password:
Using short domain name — MHI
Joined ‘WIKI2’ to realm ‘’

With a few more changes to a few other config files and I am now able to ssh to that box as any AD user.