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Why I like Brewskime the Social Beer Drinking App

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

I have been asked before by friends and even by random folks on Twitter why I like BrewskiMe, the social beer drinking app. Im going use this post to highlight some of the things I like that make me such a loyal user of the app.

  1. I like using it to learn more about beers I didnt know about before. For example when I post a status update about a beer it suggests similar beers. Another example is that when my friends drink something I can see it and check it out.
  2. Unlike some other apps out there BrewskiMe is a native app and LOOKS amazing and runs so FAST!
  3. Its the only social beer drinking app I know of that allows you to take pictures and post them with your status update
  4. I am a twitter junkie, BrewskiMe has support to post to twitter and also Facebook. When you post a status update and the brewery is on twitter it mentions them, then I know about someone else to follow on twitter for updates about their beers!
  5. BrewskiMe has the best User Interface out of all the apps I have tried. Every aspect of it from adding a new beer to posting a status update about the beer you are drinking is so simple and intuitive. Other apps left me confused and poking at them trying to figure out what to do, maybe even reading some docs to get that done.. Im busy drinking I dont want it to be hard or I wont use it..
  6. I think BrewskiMe is the only app that lets you select if the beer you are having is in a bottle, can, or draft. If Im wrong on this I sure cant find the feature in the others..
  7. BrewskiMe has a “Cellar” feature which is really awesome.. I add beers that I have (even homebrews) to my cellar. My friends now know what beers I have around the house if they want to come over and drink with me! Again if this feature is available in other apps I sure havent found it
  8. The BrewskiMe crew is also active on twitter. When you need help or have ideas for enhancements they are all ears. I found a bug once with timestamps, pointed it out to them on twitter and with in a week there was an update in the app store and it was fixed.

These are the main reasons I really like the app. I cant only point out the pros though.. I have to admit there are a couple things I would like to see changed. I have mentioned these to the team and they are addressing them. I will share those things with you too.

  1. Right now the app is only available on iOS devices. Thats no big deal to me personally but I do have a few friends who just LOVE Android and will not consider an iOS device.. The response on this from the team was that they would like to have an Android version but their primary focus is on the iOS platform at this time.
  2. You cant see the public status feed right now. I have been told this will be coming in the very near future

I hope this post will answer some of the questions about why I like BrewskiMe so much. If you want to be friends on BrewskiMe my username is errr, and on Twitter you can find me at @errr_