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Long Sleeves for life.

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

I have been on a bit of a tattoo kick the last 9 months or so. Most of the big stuff I have gotten has been on my right or my left leg. I have some work on my arms but nothing that couldn’t be hidden by a short sleeve shirt. Nothing that is, until last night. I have always wanted to have whats known as a full sleeve on both of my arms. Well we have finally started the one on my left arm. Its going to look so bad ass when its done. Mr. Luckys tattoo in San Antonio is where Im getting the work done. The artist is Weldon Lewis. Its my opinion that he is one of the best tattoo artists in the country. So now that my forearm has been marked for life it looks like I am going to be stuck wearing long sleeves to work from here on out. I see it as a very small price to pay to be able to have some wonderful art on my arms for life.